Tuesday, March 27, 2007


After that article about Anna-Nicole Smith, I wonder why so often the most beautiful dies young...

The best examples are James Dean & Marylin Monroe. But it still happens and I'd like to remind you of
Jon-Erik Hexum.

He was a young, sexy and talented american actor who died at 26. The circonstances of his death are still a controversy: is it an accident or a suicide?

J-E.H was famous for his roles in two 80's series "Voyager" & "Cover up", he also appears in the movie "Making of a Male Model" co-starring Joan Collins.


Here are some others pictures of Jon-Erik.

J-E.H was a handsome guy who had that typical "american male" appearance.

It's not easy to define what can be glamour for a men, but I think Jon-Erik can embody this definition because of his beauty and his 50's style.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


I had to do a special tribute for the Glam icon Anna Nicole Smith who recently left us in a strange situation... This death is tragic but it seems to be a part of Anna's destiny. Here is a beautiful picture of her, but I'll put others later... This history remaid me of Jayne Mansield and of course Marylin...

She was 39yeas old.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

M O R E S.L ?

I can't help sharing with you another wonderful picture of Miss Sofia Lorens...

What do you think?

M i s s M A R I A H C A R E Y

Mariah is glam! Why? Miss M.C is one of the best seller artist in the world, she recently was #1 with her last song. But still she's not always apreciated: too famous, too girlie, too Diva, too much glitter... Too much... But in fact since 1997 Mariah has change a lot and now she's a glam icon! The good advice is to look at her make-up... Perfect!

Here are some new pictures from her "myspace" page.
The "A.G" symbol is my new logo.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

S O F I A , P A R T 1

Here is the others pics of the Pirelli Calendar' photo shot... This is glam because glamour is not about age, it's an attitude. Furthermore the italian women are very glamourous, it's something natural!... Well, it seems.

S O F I A , P A R T 2

Sofia Lorens is a "Glam Icon", here is some new pictures!... Unbelievable.


Here is the first message of my "Glamour" addicted" blog, the purpose is to share
my idea of beauty...
Then... What is Glam? Those pictures can be the beginning of an answer...