Tuesday, March 27, 2007


After that article about Anna-Nicole Smith, I wonder why so often the most beautiful dies young...

The best examples are James Dean & Marylin Monroe. But it still happens and I'd like to remind you of
Jon-Erik Hexum.

He was a young, sexy and talented american actor who died at 26. The circonstances of his death are still a controversy: is it an accident or a suicide?

J-E.H was famous for his roles in two 80's series "Voyager" & "Cover up", he also appears in the movie "Making of a Male Model" co-starring Joan Collins.


Here are some others pictures of Jon-Erik.

J-E.H was a handsome guy who had that typical "american male" appearance.

It's not easy to define what can be glamour for a men, but I think Jon-Erik can embody this definition because of his beauty and his 50's style.