Friday, April 1, 2011

What is beauty?

Here is a question I ask myself since years... What is beauty?
 Here I talk only about the face: the first thing that we see, and the most expressive part of the body, by the way someone with a body not very attrative but with a beautiful face is better than the opposite...
Well obviously it depend of each taste, but not only, some scientists have done research that proves that some type of face with a good balance are seductive to everybody!

Here I took two differents types of test to see if a face has a good balance and so is potentialy beautiful!
As you can see legend Elizabeth Taylor has almost a perfect face: the balance between her eyes, nose and lips is perfect, folowing the test she could have had a stronger chin... But in fact, to me, beauty is different for man and woman, even if some people have a universal beauty... But most of the time we prefer women with a tiny face and men with a strong bone structure on their face.